Last days minecraft

10 is the best shooter mod in the history of Minecraft. It adds in game new gamemodes, items and many other different stuffs. This mod aims for a extremely realistic DayZ inpression,to make your survival more dangerous,last days minecraft and cool at the same time. Have some bad-ass looking gear,like backpacks,clothes,soldier gear,helmets,masks,all fully 3D!

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Blow some evil mob brains with some awesome pow-pow 3D weapons,like shotguns,rifles,machine guns,and more! Eat some yummy food,which,by the way,can rot,so you better eat it right away! See your Awesome 3D gear in first person view,making everything look way better,because,how would see your body NOT be cool? See the blood of your foes fall on the ground,making combat more realistic and brutal,just like real life! Play with your friends in a all-out war with evil monsters, or just battle for fun with other players,because this mod has Multiplayer support!